Friday, 19 March 2010

Galileo Thermometer

For the critique I did not have a lot of time to think about the weights on the end of Galileo thermometer bulbs so I used washers. With more time to think about what hangs on the end of my bulbs my thoughts were drawn back to adding metaphors to my project and I decided to have leaf shaped weights.
To make these weights I would need to cast them so to begin I cut a variety of leaf sizes out of plastic. Next I obtained a cuttlefish bone (available at any good pet store) and sanded it back to expose a soft inner. My plastic leafs were pushed in to the cuttle fish and a tree was created (the yellow channel). This allowed for the metal to flow to each leaf.
The red channel is cut wide to create a funnel to make pouring the metal easier. The cuttle fish is then clamped against mdf create a seal around the mould.
The mdf is removed and the mould is revealed.
Finally the leafs were hung on my Galileo bulbs and worked very well.

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