Tuesday, 9 March 2010

catch up

Been a few weeks since a last posted, so time for a quick update.

Last post you saw a 3D render of the planned model but after my critique with the lecturers it became apparent that I was taking on to much and the I need to reduce my work load to produce a good product. My Galileo Thermometer went down the best and thus I was encouraged to follow that idea through.
So now with one aspect of my project being pushed this raised a whole new pile of questions.
How does that reflect my model?
What would best portray the Galileo Thermometer idea?
Which material would best suit?

So with new problems facing me I started again. I instantly decided glass would be the best material. You can observer the tea brewing, you can follow Galileo thermometer and the glass complimented the Galileo thermometer nicely.
The next problem would be how the product will look and what the object will do. The general thought that came was the product should be long to so you get the full effect of the Galileo thermometer. Running over my old mood boards and surfing the internet lead me to a few tea objects made in bauhaus which then pushed me towards glass carafes. A water vessel and cup combination.
Moving forward with the glass carafe idea and Galileo thermometer I will need to work out a shape and a method now of brewing tea within it.

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