Wednesday, 27 January 2010


After seeing the mustache cup it got me thinking about my form and my idea. My project is all about enhancing the consumption of tea and so far I have identified that water temperature and brew time are important. My research has uncovered that more could help towards making that tea consumption better through the materials used for brewing tea.
As for white it would be glass. Glass is used because white tea is the newest tea and this is displayed through the materials glass.
For green it would be cast iron and for oolong yixing clay, both these materials have been used for thousands of years and a lot of teapots are available in these materials for brewing those teas.
Finally for black it would be bone china in relation to Britain and the cups used when Britain first discovered tea.

As for my idea I think that each tea should be brewed in the materials that compliments it. So my idea is to have 4 cups one of each materials so the tea can be brewed in it. We will still need a medium to boil water in which will be a water vessel.

As for thinking about form I have pulled together images of each material and water vessel.
Cast iron
Yixing clay

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