Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Oscar from Suki Tea

I started SUKI TEA at a small Farmer’s Market with a good friend of mine in March 2005 in our quest for the perfect cuppa. With ethical sourcing our priority, we set out to provide consumers with the finest loose leaf tea, herbal infusions and fruit blends from around the world without compromising on quality and freshness. With multiple awards now under our belt, we are confident we have succeeded in our quest. SUKI TEA really is ‘TEA AS IT SHOULD BE’, however it was not an easy journey. When Callum presented me with his design for ‘The perfect cup’ it took me back to our original problem of how to bring a bit of mystique back into the tea drinking experience. Callum’s approach to this is from the tea drinkers perspective and I believe that an essential part of savouring something or the fine dining experience is to bring theatre to food and drink so I can see application for ‘the perfect cup’ in this area. The three glass system, temperature bulb, caddy and filter certainly turn making a brew into an artform. This concept is not about convenience rather the experience of tea, how it should be enjoyed. I look forward to see how Callum develops as a designer and will be keeping a close eye on his future work.

I have been researching teaware worldwide, consistently for the last 6 years and have not come across a more unique approach to serving tea. I’ll certainly be ordering ‘the perfect cuppa’ for myself if the opportunity arises.

Oscar Woolley

Co-Founder - SUKI TEA.

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