Sunday, 7 February 2010

Porcelain cups

After playing with my form using engineering foam on the lathe I was able to take one of my models and use it to make a mould for producing porcelain cups. Below are pictures following roughly the stages of the process.

First thing to do for producing a mould is to have a sheet of set plaster to section off the top and bottom halves of the model. The to halves will be separately casted to complete the mould. The sheet of plaster was held up by clay and the plaster was boxed in and sealed using clay so the the liquid plaster does not run out.

The top of the model was cast in plaster first and left to set for 15 min. The same process was copied for the bottom half of the model to produce a complete mould.
The mould takes four days to dry out then will be ready to have porcelain poured in.

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