Sunday, 6 December 2009

Setting the scene and the brief

The beginnings of tea drinking in early China has been shrouded in spiritual myth and legend, grabbing the imagination and interest of many a great Chinese poet and scholar. When this magical elixir was first discovered by the British East India Company in the 1600's it was exported to Britain.IT could only be found in the high courts, in the homes of the wealthy or as a high priced exotic beverage in coffee shops For nearly three centuries the pursuit of this commodity gave Britain one of its main characteristics, changed laws and even caused war.

As you read this 165 million cups of tea will have been drunk in the United Kingdom in the last 24 hours. As a drink tea is easy to make, bang a bag in a cup and add hot water.

But are we doing this great drink justice?

The majority of these cups will have been a morning brew as we rush to prepare ourselves for the day, or to be guzzled down during that five minute work break. All with minimal thought and effort being made n the key components for making a cup of tea. Is this how the chinese poets will have envisioned this once magical elixir hat inspired them so?

I find myself using tea more and more as a refuge, taking pleasure in the time taken to brew that perfect cup of tea. Looking back to when tea was a pleasure not a convenience.


To enhance the consumption of tea by making users more aware of the complexities in tea - how they brew it and ow they drink it, by using modern technologies and traditional ideals.

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